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A Perfect Match – Choosing your Nearshoring Partner

There are some critical factors in choosing the right nearshoring partner for your business. We’ve done all the legwork, and developed this comprehensive guide to help you out!


Once you have decided to go ahead with nearshoring and have chosen your designated country, the next step is to select your nearshoring partner.

There are some key factors to consider to make sure that you choose the right company to work with. Taking the points below into consideration will help to make sure that you and your preferred local company will have a long and successful partnership.

Nearshoring – what’s all the fuss?

Nearshoring is a similar concept to offshoring but with some additional advantages. It follows the same idea of outsourcing labor to another country, but the difference is that instead of outsourcing labor to a distant place, you are outsourcing to a country nearby.

The benefits of nearshoring include working with a team within the same time-zone, which means fewer cultural differences. It also means that they are only a short flight away, which is excellent if you need to make a quick visit to your nearshore team or if the team needs to visit you!

How to choose the right company for nearshoring?

If you’ve read about why Poland is so great for nearshoring and you’re ready to pack your bags and set up camp, then you might be wondering about how you find the right company to help you build your team?

There are a few crucial factors to consider to make sure that you are choosing the right company to work with.

So what boxes should your nearshoring partner tick?


Experience and expertise

Reviewing the company’s experience is vital. It’s important to know and feel that you are in the capable hands of a company that will help make your project a success.

✔ What experience does the company have with nearshoring? Do they deliver managed nearshore teams or just outsourcing?
✔ Does the company’s management have experience in delivering end to end enterprise-scale projects?
✔ Do they understand how to build successful tech teams that deliver both performance and quality?
✔ How are the IP rights transfers handled? Does the country you are outsourcing to, also protect your IP rights?

Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask technical questions! Find out about your potential nearshoring partners’ previous experience in international enterprise-scale projects, and about how IP rights transfers are handled. These points are vital to your business and your project and are a great indicator if a nearshoring partner is right for you.

Communication is key

Every successful relationship requires frequent and clear communication.

✔ What does the company’s delivery communication process look like? Are they collaborative and proactive in their communication style?
✔ How do they communicate internally? Do they hold daily stand-ups or have daily communication between team members working remotely?
✔ Do you experience any significant cultural differences while talking to their teams and management? Is there a difference in timezones that affects this?

It’s key to make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to communication processes. It’s all about creating and maintaining a successful partnership and project through clear and consistent contact.

Building strong relationships with your nearshoring partner

Now, this isn’t a short term fling; you want to be able to build a long term relationship. So what are the key factors you need to look for to establish this?

✔ What are their employee attrition levels?
✔ Do they build long term relationships with their clients?
✔ What does their delivery process look like? Talk to your future delivery manager to find out these details.

In our experience, the best results are when each party has a clear understanding of each other’s values and each other’s roles. In essence, working together as a partnership to build long term business relationships and cooperation.

Nearshoring and extended teams are our expertise!
Let’s partner up for your next project.

Nearshoring costs

You should consider a company’s experience with international enterprise-scale projects when considering costs. The goal should be a balance of cost and quality.

✔ What is the cost versus the quality of experience you receive?
✔Are there any additional costs involved in the office space and equipment?
✔ What are the travel costs to visit your nearshore offices?

By the time you are discussing costs, you should have a well-formulated understanding of the nearshoring partner you will be working with. Taking into consideration not only the cost but also the experience level they have working on international enterprise-scale projects, like your own.

All things considered

The perfect long term nearshoring partner should have structured communication processes, such as daily standups and daily communication with their remote teams. It’s also valuable to find a partner who can easily adapt to changing environments and has the ability to problem-solve.

It’s also key to look at a company’s ability to attract and retain amazing talents. Low attrition rates are among the most important factors to consider when choosing the right partnership for your next project.

Management experience in long term end to end enterprise-scale projects proves that a company has these abilities embedded into their backbone and will be the perfect fit for your next project.

In the end, the goal is to develop a strong relationship, a long-term partnership with your nearshoring company. It’s always great to look for nearshoring partnerships in companies that share your same drive, ambitions and are as excited about your project as you are!

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