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Poland is the IT nearshoring hub

Poland is the hub for nearshoring. That’s why so many European companies are looking to us for nearshoring partnerships!


There is no doubt that Poland is the hottest place in IT at the moment. From the well-established educational system, the abundant supply of IT labor and the strong economic climate, it has also become an attractive market for nearshoring. There is an abundant supply of international companies looking to outsource their IT labor, extending their tech teams into Poland.

Wait, what’s nearshoring? Don’t you mean offshoring? 

Well, sort of, they’re very similar concepts. Nearshoring is the new and improved version of offshoring. They both involve outsourcing to countries with lower labor costs, however, the key difference is the location. With nearshoring, you outsource to a nearby country and with offshoring, you outsource to a country in a completely different geographic region. 

The advantage that nearshoring has over offshoring is that by outsourcing to neighboring countries you share the same time zone and cultural barriers are minimal or non-existent
Poland nearshoring

Polish Developers are some of the best!

All businesses are looking to reduce costs, and this is where nearshoring to Poland takes the cake. You can thank Poland’s low labor costs and low costs of living for guaranteeing lower costs of development compared to Western European countries. 

Now the common misconception is that low cost equals low quality, this is not the case when it comes to Polish developers. In Poland, you’ll get the same expertise and talent that you would find in any other ‘more expensive’ Western European country, if not better. Polish developers are considered to be amongst the world’s best!

A survey conducted by Infoshare lists Poland as the largest market of talented programmers in Central and Eastern Europe.

When comparing the most popular nearshoring locations in this region, Poland is the only country that has a legal system that protects IP rights according to EU standards.

In Topcoder statistics, Poland is currently ranked in the top 5.

Poland is the 4th biggest IT talent pool in Europe, after the UK, Germany, and France. 

Poland ranks well in programming contests such as:

  • Microsoft’s Imagine Cup
  • Google’s Code Jam
  • Central European Programming Contest 

Attrition amongst Polish IT companies is lower than most of its Western and Eastern European counterparts. 

So the question is, what’s Poland’s secret to creating amazing developers? 

The answer is simple…education! The Polish education system has been ranked in the world’s top 10 by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Each year the education system produces 80,000 graduates in IT and IT-related fields. That’s a lot of talented developers that can solve the problem of labor shortages that many countries have!

Why Poland is the best choice for your nearshoring base

What do you think of when you think of Popeye? Strong? Spinach eating? Well, Poland’s economy has eaten its spinach. The result? A strong, stable and healthy economy that’s the 6th biggest in Europe and very attractive to investors. 

But this secret has been out for a while as companies such as IBM, Intel, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung have their R&D centers set up in Poland. 

Polish IT SecurityYour risk analysts and security officers can rest easy when you choose Poland as your nearshoring base. As a member of the European Union, Poland is part of the EU regulatory zone. On top of that, it is also a member of:

                    The World Trade Organization
                    The UN
                    The Paris Convention
                    The Berne Convention
                    The Hague Agreement
                    The Patent Cooperation Treaty
                    The Madrid Protocol 

What does this mean for you? 

You get the same security benefits that you would in a Western European country but without the high labor costs that are associated with it. 

It means that your intellectual property is protected. Poland adheres to EU laws in IP protection, copyright and data security, including GDPR. As part of the EU, it also observes the United States’ standards in data security and IP protection.

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The final verdict…Poland is the nearshoring hub of Europe

Poland certainly fits the criteria as the best place for nearshoring for many reasons that go beyond just cost savings. While saving money is a great advantage of nearshoring, it shouldn’t be the only reason when choosing a country to set up shop. 

Part of making the right choice is considering all of the factors surrounding your potential nearshoring partners, such as a stable economy, a strong education system, talented world-class developers and the security of being part of the European Union. 

These factors can contribute to your project running smoothly and meeting your expected milestones. Of course, don’t just take our word for it, you can look at the many companies that have already chosen Poland for nearshoring!

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