Boost Software Development Capacity and Reduce Your R&D TCO!

Build your top-performing software development and IT teams with Algoteque. Tap into the excelent pool of talented IT candidates in Poland and CEE and experience the benefits of our efficient recruitment and HR processes, designed to ensure long-term success for both our software developers and our clients.

Have your team fully operational in days, not weeks or months.

Do not settle for medicore when you can have exceptional! Partner with Algoteque and be confident that you are building a team that is poised for long-term successful cooperation!

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Dedicated Managed Nearshore Software Development & IT Teams

Work with our software developers & IT professionals who are fully dedicated to working for your projects, helping to seamlessly reach your next milestone. We build, and manage teams that adhere to your personalized project requirements and fully blend into your internal teams, software development processes and tools. It feels just like working with your internal staff. The only diffrence is that they are working remotly from our R&D offices in Poland and CEE but can visit your premises whenever required. Our teams are motivated, flexible and passionate, offering you top-notch quality, flexibility & agility.

If you're dealing with: continuous resource & capacity issues, high operations and maintenance overheads, lack of experienced and reliable development partner.

Then, we've got you covered! Our in-house multidomain team of software developers and IT experts is just a few clicks away.

Your own fully dedicated IT Team!

High quality: We have access to over 40 000+ vetted IT specialists. Hire the top developers, QA, consultants, project managers from the best technical schools in Poland and CEE.

Over 100+ skills available: We have over 100 skills available for you. Hire .NET, React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Ruby, Golang, DevOps, ML, AI, Data Engineers, and more.

Effective collaboration: You get the full visibility into your remote developer’s work with virtual daily stand-ups, real-time communication and processes fully blended in your own software development environment.

Cost effectiveness & minimal risk: Our typical rates per hour are half, to two-thirds the cost when compared to the other Western European countries. It's more than fair to label the Polish rates as competitive in comparison to other typical outsourcing countries.

What challanges do we solve?

Have capacity issues or maybe you struggle recruting IT talents? Perhaps you are looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining quality? We have solutions for both! We can easily extend your current team of developers with a dedicated team in Poland and CEE or build a team from scratch that's 100% yours to work with.

We’ve been in your shoes taking managerial roles in various IT driven companies and we fully understand your business challenges. We can deliver across different technology stacks and business domains.

How does it work?

Based on your company's requirements and needs we start searching for developers in our own network and beyond. Algoteque then screens these candidates and proposes their veted profiles to your company. Starting from this point, you will be involved in the process. We discuss your ideal setup from an experience, hard and soft skills and cost perspective. After our screening, a member of your team can talk and asses the people we propose using remote communication tools or in person. This is an integral part of the process because you, as the client, know your business best.

All our teams members work Agile, speak fluent english and have successful enterprise scale international software developement projects experience.

Explore more about extended team services with us!

Software Development & Integration

We build and maintain highly scalable and stable software solutions. Our software is used by the financial sector, e-commerce, medical sector, airline and many others. Because we have a solid base of software engineers, designers and web developers, at Algoteque, we can design and maintain projects “in-house” at an excellent and competitive price point.

We offer our customers a full lifecycle of software development and implementation services, starting from business requirements analysis to design, delivery and maintenance. With numerous years of experience we understand the domain and the technologies. We can design effective solutions, support the implementation, further maintenance and system enhancements.

We are your end-to-end projects partner !

Bespoke Software Development, Integration & Maintenance

Mobile applications development on iOS, Android platforms

Design, development & maintenance of SaaS solutions and web applications

AI, Machine Learning and Analytical systems design and development

What we can do for you

We take care of your entire project's software development lifecycle and the primary implementation. We are your full-fledged project partners from requirements gathering to market analysis, designing, developing, and maintenance.

With years of experience across multiple domains, we understand what works in the market that can drive your success. We draft performance-driven strategies for implementation, maintenance, and enhancements.

We help you turn your idea into a reality from scratch!

IT Specialists Hub

Algoteque brings you comprehensive access to more than 40,000+ developers, consultants, and engineers to get you going with a faster turnaround time. We take pride in offering you high-quality services adhering to the highest industry standards. Polish developers always top the list of international programming contests — so, can be assured of outstanding services. As our team members come from a prolific education and work experience background, you can expect excellence from us.

We are committed to delivering you quality, and that's why we work with the select graduates of European 'Grandes Ecoles.' As it's among the best universities in the CEE region, you can be confident in every IT solution from us. Some of our team members also have MENSA memberships.

Our IT staffing services for your every business need!

Access to more than 40,000 vetted developers, consultants and engineers with a database of 100+ skills

For both long and short term projects at any location in Europe our vetted developers and consultants work within your processes

Get the most competitive pricing for IT staffing and project nearshoring inclusive of all expenses. High quality services adhering to industry standards

High quality to cost ratio: scale up the existing IT team and serve your customers better with our IT staffing services and agile approach to recruitment.

What Algoteque offers to you

Missing that one consultant to make your team complete? Do you need additional programmers to have your team's resources covered for that next big project? We can provide the resources you need, for both short term projects and projects that cover several years. We can deliver across different technology stacks and business domains while having a strong focus on excellent soft skills.

  • We offer quick and reliable team scaling options for both short & long-term projects across Europe
  • Our team manages all job coaching and dedicated selection process of the right IT consultants & programmers for your needs
  • Get the most competitive pricing for IT staffing and project nearshoring inclusive of all expenses
  • From junior, mid-level to experienced — we have developers with multiple experience levels. Be it software development, QA services, AI, or ML; we cover everything for you
  • Our team follows agile methodologies to ensure a faster software development lifecycle
  • Once you hire developers, they can seamlessly work with your company's process & project planning.

Get the best candidates for your projects!

An excellent recruitment process consists of multiple critical elements, and we hone every aspect of it with perfection. We understand your project requirements and get ahead with the right recruitment strategy.

We are committed to providing you with talented and creative candidates.

Scale up your team with our multi-domain experts!

Business Solutions Implementation and Automation

Project success and future planning depend on core consulting that can manage things in a much better manner. Our team boasts a successful track record of delivering cutting-edge designing, developing, and integration solutions. We combine industry expertise and IT Project Management knowledge to help our customers achieve their business and IT strategy goals. Experience the power of professional consulting and thrive on robust execution with Algoteque. Achieve your every business goal with our strategic planning.

Let’s implement the next mind blowing products and services together!

We prepared and executed a robust IT business continuity plan for transforming mission-critical systems environments for one of the leading Polish banks.

Our experts have covered a multitude of reports, including data warehouse management, sales to simplify critical operations of multiple customer segments of banks.

We offered advanced software development services for .Net migration covering all-important test automation.

Our team offered risk management system design for data warehouses, risk engine, ETL layers, and more.

What we can do for you

Business & Implementation Consulting

Our company has its origins in banking systems implementation. We are vendor agnostic and can deliver the correct competencies when sourcing your projects, with the best quality to cost ratio consultants. Our consultants have international experience implementing Risk Management Systems, Core Banking Systems, Treasury Systems DWH and MIS reporting systems, Analytical and delivering Technology (databases, operating, systems and network) related consultancy. We combine industry expertise with IT and Project Management knowledge. Please let us know what skill sets you are looking for.

Management and Strategic Consulting

Boost your creativity with advisory and executive experience. Whether you’re an enterprise willing to enter the European market or an innovative startup, meet us and let’s discuss cooperation opportunities! Our team provides value-adding advisory services to support the set up and the growth of technology-rich business ideas and companies in the region.

We are working with passionate advisory teams of experts willing to turn your ideas into great companies, products and services. Let us know about your project and we will help you put your ideas into practice. We define growth, financing and market strategy depending on whether your idea is currently under development, backed by solid market research or a working prototype is being tested by targeted customers. Become discoverable. Connect with like-minded individuals who add to your expertise and ideas.

We help you outperform in your industry with our consultancy services!

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