Our Recruitment

Algoteque International provides access to more then 17,000 engineers and consultants. Polish programmers consistently take highest ranks in international programming contests. The quality of mathematics, IT education and vast professional experience of our team members enables our candidates to deliver to our customers state of the art software development and consulting services. We work with the top talent graduates of european ‘Grandes Ecoles’ being the best technical universities and universities in the CEE region. We solely work with experienced recruiters and some of our team members hold MENSA memberships.

We can work together by recruiting your dedicated team (from 1 developer) for your project/development process or supplement your project peaks. We will recommend the prospective team members dependant on requirements (job description) you’ve specified.  You have full autonomy on the candidates you choose to work with.

Please let us know your needs on we will present you with the right candidates.


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Our recruitment process

Extend your team with our experts!

To make our recruitment process and the staffing of the new team(members) a success it is important that both Algoteque and your company follow a few guidelines. This will ensure that we can provide the best possible quality of people in a timely matter.