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Recruitment Process for Candidates at Algoteque

Applying for a job at Algoteque is simple and straightforward. In this article, we outline our recruitment process steps so you know what to expect when you hit the apply button! 


Sometimes applying for jobs can seem like jumping hurdles and filling out a lot of forms with repetitive information and that’s before you even get to the interview! At Algoteque, we like to keep the process as smooth and easy as possible. If you’ve ever wondered what our hiring process is like then read on to find out more!  

Why work for Algoteque?

If you’ve accidentally stumbled across this article, let us first introduce ourselves. We’re a software development company that specializes in nearshoring. In other words, we help extend our international client’s teams. This means that you have the unique opportunity to be fully immersed within an international project. You are 100% part of the team and project! 

We pride ourselves on our unique concept of nearshoring where our teams fully blend into our international client’s software development processes and are fully dedicated to our client’s projects. 

Where would you be working from? Our offices, located in a shared office space in the National Stadium of Warsaw, in the cool Saska Kepa area.

That’s a bit about us, but apart from our awesome location, why would you want to work with us? 

  1. You have the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients on some amazing projects that are rare to find in Poland
  2. There’s the chance to challenge yourself and develop new skills
  3. We have a friendly team environment – some of us even consider ourselves family
  4. We’re not all work and no play – we put on fun work events each month

So if you’re fluent in English, have experience working with Agile methodologies and enjoy working in a friendly environment then continue reading and take notes!


interview with algoteque

The recruitment process

Step 1: You’ve seen an ad for a job opening at Algoteque

Or perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to be approached directly by one of our recruiters! You’ve read through the requirements and you think you’d be a perfect fit. 

Great, click apply and send through a copy of your CV in English.

Step 2: Your CV is sent to Algoteque recruiters

Your CV will be sent to one of our lovely recruiters who will be in touch with you to arrange the first round of interviews. 

This interview is a chance for us to get to know you a little better, understand your skillset, fill in any gaps in your CV and explain a little bit more about the role to you.

Step 3: Show us your skills

This step is the online test where you get to show us your skills! Now, this step isn’t mandatory, it depends upon the client’s requirements. It may be a short online hacker test or it may be a pair programming test with the client.

Step 4: Final interview with the client

Our clients are international, so your meeting will be over google hangouts or zoom. You can come to our office and use one of our meeting rooms or you can do it from the comfort of your own home. It’s totally up to you. 

Don’t miss the chance to work with incredible talent.

Join the Algoteam or contact us and let us know about your project!

Step 5: Decisions, decisions, decisions!

You did great in the interview, your skills are a perfect match for the role. We like you (and you like us too hopefully!) and want you to join our team. 

This is the part where we make it official and sign the paperwork. Then before you know it you’re in the office enjoying water cooler conversations with the team.

We don’t’ believe in goodbyes…

What if you’re unsuccessful? Well, at Algoteque we don’t believe in goodbyes, more like see you later… 

If it didn’t work out with us for this role, don’t worry! We’re a growing company with new opportunities always coming up. We’re happy to keep your CV on file and keep in touch if a new position pops up that we think you would be perfect for.

How do I apply?

We hope this article cleared up any questions you may have had about the recruitment process at Algoteque. Find out more about our current job openings on our website. 

We also regularly post our job offers on our Facebook and Linkedin pages. You can also check out our day to day life at the office on Instagram! So make sure you like and follow us to keep updated.

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