What we do?



ALGOTEQUE provides access to more then 7000 engeneers and consultants. Polish programmers constantly take highest ranks in interantional programming contest. The quality of mathematical & IT education and vast professional experience of our team members enables our candidates to deliver state of the art software development or consulting services to our custmers. We work with the top talents graduatates of polish ‘grand ecoles’ being the best polytechniques and universities in the CEE region. We only work with experienced recruiters and some of our team members hold MENSA memberships.

We can work togheter by recruiting dedicated team (starting from 1 developer) to your project / development process or just support  your project peaks. We will recommend you the prospecting team members based on the requirements (job description) you’ve specified.  You have the last word on the ones you choose to work with.

Please let us know what you’re working on and we will present to you adequate consultant profiles.


IT Advisory Asset Based Consulting

Algoteque people have banking systems implementation origins. We are vendor agnostic and can deliver right competences sourcing your projects with the best quality to cost ratio consultants. Our consultants have international experience implementing Risk Management Systems, Core Banking Systems, Treasury System, DWH, MIS and Reporting Systems, Analytical Systems and delivering Technology (databases, operating systems, network) related consultancy.

We combine industry expertise with IT and Project Management knowledge and experience. Please let us know what skills sets you are looking for.


Management & Sales Consulting

Boost your creativity with advisory and executive experience. Be an enterprise willing to enter CEE market or an innovative startup meet us and let’s discuss cooperation opportunities. Our team provides value-adding advisory services to support set up and the growth of technology-rich business ideas and comapnies in the region.

We are working with passionate advisory teams of experts willing to turn your ideas into great companies, products or services. Let us know about your project and we will help you with putting your ideas into practice. We will define growth, financing & market strategy carefully depending on whether your idea is currently under development, backed by solid market research, working prototype is being tested by potential customers or you want to introduce your products to the CEE market. Become discoverable, connect with like-minded individuals who add on your expertise and ideas. Let’s start building the next great mind blowing products and services together!


Bespoke Software Development & Integration

We are brainiacs at ALGOTEQUE with passion for algorithms and coding. We work Agile. Software and advisory services delivered by ALGOTEQUE team work for banks and corporates in the region helping them to fulfill their business strategies, meet regulatory requirements or overcome business or technological challenges. We provide banking systems and domain competences gained through global engagements in many systems implementation projects worldwide.

We offer to our customers a full lifecycle of software development and implementation services, starting from business requirements analysis to design, delivery and maintenance. With many years experience we understand the domain and the technologies. We can design effective solutions, support the implementation, further maintenance and system enhancements. Please let us know what you’re working on.


Data insight driven analytical systems

We come from Risk Management world. Working with high quantity of data and designing efficient solutions is business as usual to us. We can unique competencies turning your data into knowledge. We can work end to end on deliver competencies to your project or development process.

We can help you out with gap analysies, data model and algorithems design, coding or just reports building fullfiling your organization information needs. Please let us know what you’re working on. We will present to you adequate consultant profiles.


Systems Integration Services

We think algorithems and breathe data integrating IT systems across various technologies and domains. Our consultants have enterprise architecture experience but can also deliver with open source technologies. We are vendor agnostic. We can advise the best approach meeting your constraints or work with the technology of your choise.

Our consultants have domain related knowledge therfore can deliver integration workshop, prepare system data mapping, desing the architecture and code the resulting ETL jobs. Please let us know what you’re working on. We will present to you adequate consultant profiles. We want to be a part of it.