Nearshoring to Poland

Your own fully dedicated team!

We create and manage fully dedicated teams for our clients as well as small, flexible teams and teams for large enterprise projects from our office in Wasaw. More and more companies are moving away from the typical offshoring countries in favour of Poland. Why Poland, you may ask?

What can we do for you ?

What can we do for you?

Have capacity issues? Perhaps you are looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining quality? We have solutions for both! We can easily extend your current team of developers with a dedicated team in Warsaw or build a team from scratch that’s a 100% yours to work with.

We’ve been in your shoes taking managerial roles in various IT driven companies  and we fully understand your your business challenges. We can deliever across different technology stacks and business domains. We source programmers, IT consultants, managers, sales team members and IT specialists.

How does it work?

Based on your comapnies requirements and needs we start searching for developers in our own network and beyond. Algoteque then screens these canidates and proposes their profiles to your company. Starting from this point, you will be involved in the process. We discuss with you about your ideal setup from an experience, skills and cost perspective.  After our screening, a memeber of your team can talk and/or test the people we propose on Skype or in person. This an intergral part of the process because you as the client, know your business best.

All our teams work Agile/Scrum and can use the proper communication tolls such as Jira, Slack, Github and many more to be in constant contact with you and you team.