Conclusion Enterprise Modules Partners with Algoteque

By 4 April 2017Blog

Conclusion Enterprise Modules and Algoteque sign a partnership agreement.


With Algoteque‘s software development team in Poland and specialists from Conclusion Enterprise Modules, they will start building high-quality extensions to the Puppet language.

The development team will be based in Warsaw. Algoteque will dedicate our software developers to Conclusion Enterprise Modules projects and will take care of the day-to-day management of the team, while Conclusion Enterprise Modules will be managing what products and features will be developed.


“We are very proud to have Conclusion Enterprise Modules onboard! We will provide Enterprise Modules with a 100% dedicated team of programmers that will work seamlessly with the current development team. The team will work from Warsaw and will be occasionally in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.”

– Rob Rombout, Partner at Algoteque International

About Conclusion and Conclusion Enterprise Modules

Conclusion Enterprise Modules is the leading developer of enterprise-ready puppet modules for Oracle databases and Oracle WebLogic. Their puppet modules help sysadmins and DBAs to automate the installation, configuration, and management of their databases and application server systems. These modules allow them to make managed, consistent, repeatable, and quick changes to their infrastructure and automatically enforce the consistency.

Conclusion is a multidisciplinary service provider in the field of Business Transformation and IT Services. Their tagline? Business Done Differently. Their 1250 specialists and professionals live up to that every day by truly combining their IT knowledge with business and domain know-how.

With dedication, creativity, and flexibility they take responsibility for the social and mission-critical business processes and systems of their customers and enable organizations to digitally transform their business model. Their primary focus is on the Dutch market and more specifically the domains of Public Transport, Healthcare, Finance, and Industry.

About Algoteque International

Algoteque International is a privately held IT consultancy company, with Dutch and Polish roots. We help to create and deliver innovative IT technologies and services to financial institutions, e-commerce, corporates, and public sectors. We deliver across different tech-stacks and business domains. We source programmers, IT consultants, managers and other IT specialists to help build teams for our clients in the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Swiss, and Poland.

We combine industry expertise with Coding and Project Management experience. We have developers and consultants working across many domains and technologies. We select our teams’ members based on both their hard and soft skills. Teamwork and communication are more important than ever, especially in multinational DevOps teams. All our teams have extensive experience working in Agile Scrum.

What this partnership means

This partnership is about working together as a team to develop something truly great. With clear business and development goals in mind, there is the opportunity for a company such as Conclusion to expand their enterprise.


This partnership allows us to expand our range of enterprise products while keeping up the high quality we’re accustomed to. We already have some Puppet extensions in the pipeline to support IBM MQ and IBM Information Integration Bus.

– Bert Hajee, COO of Conclusion Enterprise Modules