Our Consultancy Services

Over 14 years of expertise at your fingertips!

Our team has a successful track record in designing, developing, implementing and integrating software solutions to corporations as well as the Banking & Finance sector. We combine industry expertise and IT Project Management knowledge to help our customers achieve their business and IT strategy goals

Among others, ALGOTEQUE consultants and associates have delivered their services to RZB Bank, Citi Bank, BISE Bank, BOŚ Bank, GE Money Bank, PKO BP, Pekao S.A., DZ Bank, Fermat (Moody’s), inPost, Orbium, mBank, OSI Poland, Devoteam and to one of the largest telecom in Nederlands.

What can we do for you ?

IT Advisory Asset Based Consulting

Our company has it’s origins in banking systems implementation. We are vendor agnostic and can deliver the correct competencies when sourcing your projects, with the best quality to cost ratio consultants. Our consultants have international experience implementing Risk Management Systems, Core Banking Systems, Treasury Systems DWH and MIS reporting systems, Analytical and delivering Technology (databases, operating, systems and network) related consultancy.

We combine industry expertise with IT and Project Management knowledge. Please let us know what skills sets you are looking for.

Management & Sales Consulting

Boost your creativity with advisory and executive experience. Whether you’re an enterprise willing to enter the European market or an innovative startup, meet us and let’s discuss cooperation opportunities! Our team provides value-adding advisory services to support the set up and the growth of technology-rich business ideas and companies in the region.

We are working with passionate advisory teams of experts willing to turn your ideas into great companies, products and services. Let us know about your project and we will help you put your ideas into practice. We define growth, financing and market strategy dependant on whether your idea is currently under development, backed by solid market research or a working prototype is being tested by targeted customers. Become discoverable. Connect with like-minded individuals who add to your expertise and ideas.

Let’s build the next great mind blowing products and services together!