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Why outsourcing to Poland gives you a Competitive Edge

The trend of outsourcing managed remote teams is flourishing worldwide, and it will continue through 2021 and beyond. The outsourcing market in Central Europe is maturing and experiencing exponential growth. When it comes to choosing the top location for outsourcing, Poland is among the best destinations.

According to TopCoder, Poland ranks 5th in the world in terms of software development skills. Whether it is experienced professionals, language skills, or keeping up with the latest trends, Polish developers are always in demand. Compared to other Central European IT outsourcing regions such as Romania, Ukraine and Belarus, Poland has 160,000 employees, more than 1.7% of the global IT market. 

Before we dive into transforming why Poland is different from the other Eastern European regions, let’s explore why managed remote teams are better than direct contracting abroad. 

Cost flexibility

Compared to direct overseas contracting, remote teams offer the higher reliability of an in-house team without the high cost. Remote teams work as extended support for your organization that fits right into your company’s culture and etiquette. Because of the cost and labor flexibility, it becomes easier for companies to scale the business seamlessly. 

You can keep costs under control and focus on overall growth with the support of managed remote teams. A managed remote team is the best way to accelerate business expansion. 

Better productivity

Since the managed remote team works alongside your existing team members, productivity remains intact. Like your in-house developers, you can monitor their work progress and guide them directly. Moreover, since the communication is done without third-party interference, the internal workflow remains highly productive and secure. 

Compared to direct outsourcing, you have firm control over projects that improves agility and produces effective software development results. 

Lower employees attrition

Another significant advantage of working with a nearshore team through IT companies is lower employee attrition. It gives you an edge for your project with superior quality work and a faster turnaround time. A lower attrition rate means lower operational and TCO costs as the learning curve of new team members is minimum. We have as low as 5% attrition compared to the market standard of 20%. Our professional and experienced developers are 4X less likely to quit ongoing client projects.

Certainty of expertise

Working with a nearshore company gives you expertise certainty as we do all the necessary hiring work. From reviewing previous projects to checking work experience and shortlisting candidates for interviews, we do the complete job for you. So, compared to outsourcing directly overseas, you have more confidence in their skills, expertise, and experience. 

Since you work closely with them as an integrated team, the overall result is more performance-oriented than direct outsourcing. It is because with direct outsourcing, communication is limited, and the workflow is not transparent. 

With this in mind, let’s explore why Poland is better than Eastern European IT outsourcing countries like Ukraine and Belarus.

Rich talent pool

Poland is among the fastest-growing regions in Europe and has more than 279,800 IT specialists to take care of all your development and scalability needs with high efficiency. 

You can easily hire talented developers and build your highly competent managed remote team. From specialized skills to full-stack developers, Poland is the right place to scale your business with managed remote teams. 

World-class programming standards

Poland’s developers are among the most industry-ready professionals that bring in a superior quality of work. Moreover, more than 75% of the ICT individuals have higher university degrees — which is more than 60% of other EU countries.

As there is substantial focus on technical education in Poland, the developers understand your business more profoundly. Therefore, when you hire Polish developers, communication and the software development process become streamlined. It increases the overall productivity and quality, thus, reduces the TCO of your IT operations.


Running and scaling your business with Polish remote teams is cost-effective and can save you significant time. From quick project delivery to milestone completion, you can expect a faster turnaround time. Compared to other EU regions, working with a Polish development team is 30-40% more cost-efficient. That’s why our clients get IT expertise at a lower cost. 

Due to the combination of high productivity delivered by the outsourcing sector in Poland and overall lower cost, many international clients achieve IT cost cuts up to 50%, which is not available with any other region without compromising work standards.

Even while you save 50% on your project cost estimates, you still pay the developers excellent salaries. 

Perfect location

The most significant benefit of working with Polish developers is the minimal time zone difference, a game-changing advantage. Poland has a minimal time zone difference from almost all European countries. Consequently, clients from Europe can easily manage their remote teams without missing essential communications. 

This time zone flexibility plays an essential role for companies working on projects that require frequent communication. The accessibility and real-time collaboration with a remote team are superior to directly contracting remote developers in a different country. And if you’re based out of the US, you can take advantage of the time zone differences to provide excellent support to your clients around the clock. 

Seamless communication

Effective communication sometimes becomes a significant barrier when you’re working with people from other regions. Poland is a rather culture-neutral country; you can expect a shared work ethic and communication standards, similar to employees who work in-house. This advantage allows you to communicate in English with ease. The majority of Polish developers have advanced English language skills. 

Poland is in the sixteenth position in the 2020 EF English Proficiency Index. In addition, the majority of Polish developers are proficient in other languages such as German, French, and Spanish. 

Final thoughts

Hiring managed remote teams from Poland can help you gain a competitive edge for your business to complete projects faster. Hiring the right developers will help you achieve speed and efficiency. Hire the best talent from Poland to seamlessly stay ahead of the curve. The trend of using remote talent is here to stay, and it is the right time to scale your business with ease.

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