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Although we consider ourselves ‘domain agnostic,’ we do have an affinity for .NET, JEE, JS, PHP and Ruby! We have worked with these tech stacks since the very beginning and they are the key programming language we use in many projects.

Our clients and projects are primarily in the UK, US, France, Ireland and Netherlands. Algoteque offers a unique opportunity for developers to improve existing skills, but also learn a lot of new ones. 

As a software developer, being a part of Algoteque means being a part of a professional and engaging team with experienced developers, testers and business analysts. It also means the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, and the chance to “test the waters” within a different tech stack

There was more than one reason why I chose Algoteque as the next step in my career. An excellent opportunity to work with a London based client who has some of the best engineers. The ability to work on a mature and profitable product is both challenging and exciting.
Marcin Ciu
Sr Ruby Developer

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The programmers and coding level at Algoteque are very advanced. This means I can learn a lot and develop my skills further just by working on projects in the company.
Algoteque cares about my professional development, giving me tasks or projects that are coherent with my development path and programming skills.
Maciej Wagner

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Case Study: Enterprise Modules

In Enterprise Modules Ruby is used for creating unit tests, libraries, and data types used in puppet at a later stage. Puppet facts are written in Ruby, or functions/methods. Unit tests written in Ruby are run on Jenkins later and test the whole environment. 

A good example of a function we have written in Ruby is the function of choosing packages from the set, based on passed arguments. 

Case Study: Insurance Project

The project is for one of the U.K.’s biggest business insurance brokers, with a team of more than 100 experienced engineers. Ruby is used for both customer-facing applications as well as internal tools that are used by hundreds of consultants daily.

The client is aware of the value of the data stored which is  why we store and process business event data from 2012. 

Events are also being introduced to the Event Sourcing approach using Kafka, to cut the monolith app into smaller manageable services.

They’ve produced many world-class internal libraries that are developed in-house; some of them are open-sourced and others will soon be.