Rare Opportunity for Senior Ruby Developers

By 22 August 2019Blog

Ruby developers with years of experience can sometimes find the work they are given quite boring after some time. But there are some amazing projects out there for senior developers.


Ruby developers are in high demand, worldwide, because of the number of incredible projects being built using this programming language. Regardless of the framework being used for projects, there are some really great opportunities for Ruby developers.

On the other hand, many Ruby developers are looking for a change, as a result of a lack of interesting projects to work on. But if you know where to look, you can find some amazing opportunities, with really challenging and innovative projects.

Algoteque has recently teamed up with one of the largest Ruby software houses in the UK, which has great opportunities for interesting projects.

Why work with Algoteque?

At Agoteque we’ve teamed up with a UK based insurance company that has its own in-house software house. They build all of their own software platforms using Ruby and AWS and are considered to be one of the best Ruby warehouses to work in, around the globe.

Working with us means a unique opportunity for Ruby Developers to work on projects that are way ahead of the game. It also gives Senior Ruby Developers a chance to improve their skills, while learning some new ones! There are opportunities to work with pair programming, as well as TDD.

Even Senior Devs can grow

We take part in developing enterprise-scale solutions that seem to be very unique as far as Ruby projects are concerned. We offer Senior Ruby Developers a long-term remote team type of cooperation, which is far less stressful than being a part of fixed-price projects. This is because we are a part of the internal software development team.

Who says you can’t teach a Senior Ruby Developer new tricks?

The skills required by our UK partnership tend to be more demanding than most other software houses and require high-level programming skills. These projects are often more demanding, in terms of programming skills than the average projects offered to Senior Ruby Developers.

So what next?

Depending on where you live, as a Senior Ruby Developer, you might find the work you’re doing getting quite stagnant. If you’re looking for a chance to grow as a programmer, while getting to work on new and challenging projects, then this is likely going to interest you!

You can apply to be a part of the Algoteque team by clicking here!