Business Analyst

By 1 July 2019

As a Business Analyst you are not only “the bridge between business and IT”, but you are also able to deliver a large part of the IT solution yourself. With the development line we developed ourselves, we can automatically convert models into working solutions. The output of your business analyzes is therefore not only used as documentation for programmers, but is an integral part of the development of our solutions. With your analytical skills, we can realize software that really benefits the customer.

About the the project:

We are experts in quickly developing suitable applications. We do that for the major leading organizations in the Netherlands, such as ABN AMRO, ANWB, the Tax Authorities, ESA, KLM and many others.

Your work as a business analyst:

  • As a Business Analyst you translate the wishes and requirements of the customer into clear business requirements. You record the requirements in different types of models that describe different aspects, such as functionalities, data, architecture, business processes and performance and integration with external systems.
  • You enter into a dialogue with both the customer and the internal development teams, to identify the needs and ultimately translate them into solutions.
  • With the help of our development street, you yourself contribute to the development of our solutions.
  • You will work in an energetic environment with a pleasant group of people. Typically, a development team consists of 2 or 3 developers, a tester, and an analyst.

Required experience and skills:

  • Object Role modelling experience is essential
  • You have experience with Fact Based Moddeling
  • You have completed a higher professional or university education in the direction of, for example, Business Administration or Business & IT.
  • You have good communication skills and strong analytical skills. Naturally you are good at structuring the retrieved information.
  • You work well independently and you show initiative.
  • You work with passion and have a passion for our methods;

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