How to get the Best Talents and Optimise your Costs at the same time

By 19 January 2023Blog, csx-news-1

It goes without saying that one of the most important factors in a startup’s success is having the right people around. However, one of the most difficult tasks you will have to deal with as an entrepreneur or business owner is locating and recruiting the top talents, particularly when you take into account the limitations of your local talent pool.

Naturally, you may always locate an offshore team and totally outsource software development. However, what should you do if you already have some technical people on staff and just need to supplement it with particular abilities or knowledge? The expanded team approach saves the day in such a situation.

What is an extended team?

An extended development team is not limited to a project and the collaboration between a company initiating the project and the required specific skills doesn’t end once the project is completed. There is constant collaboration between your core staff and the outsourced extended team. There isn’t just one definition for an extended team. The model can come in a variety of versions depending on the company. The next section takes a look at the aspects that set the extended model apart from other cooperation models. 

How does an extended team work?

In order to integrate your core team and extended staff, there is a learning curve that must be overcome when recruiting offshore engineers for your firm. As a result, we would like to provide you with some practical suggestions to help you in this attempt. 

Here is an example of our standard setup and project management process with team extension:


Start by defining the major responsibilities your project requires and taking into account its scope. Do you possess the knowledge to fill them internally? Which competencies ought to be acquired externally?

You can carry out the initial investigation on your own or ask a reputable technology consultancy, like Algoteque for help. In order to put together a team that is appropriate for you if you seek our help, we first assess your development requirements and internal procedures.

Our analysis often begins with a discussion of your ideas and their transformation into specific needs, project objectives, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The primary trap a team extension may put your developers in is becoming sidetracked and building up miscommunications that result in mistakes. The organization may prevent costly mistakes with the support of clear targets and metrics for success, which also helps to increase staff motivation and job satisfaction.


Our recruiting team will do extensive candidate research, choose, and pre-screen the most eligible people based on your requirements and project specifications. We ensure that a prospect possesses the technical and soft abilities required for the position in order for them to be able to contribute significantly to your team.

The top prospects can then be individually interviewed, and you can then decide which ones you think would be ideal to appoint.

Onboarding and Follow-up

The additional development team that you hire through Algoteque becomes a crucial part of your internal workforce. They adhere to your internal procedures and follow your or your project manager’s on-site direct instructions. The time/effort ratio can be monitored in real real-time and optimized as necessary. Transparency and clarity among your team are facilitated by being able to speak directly with the designated PM as well as the developers. We make sure that you keep your lines of communication open and accessible at all times.

Optimization and Integration

We assist you in delegating tasks within your team so that your developers will feel more engaged in the project and more connected. Every team member is aware of the entire development cycle in addition to being accountable for specific tasks and components of the project. Your extended development team will be knowledgeable about your corporate culture, management style, processes, and procedures. We assist you in establishing an effective workflow and selecting the finest tools for communication and collaboration that both your core team and the extended team will find easy to use.

Why should you consider an extended team?

  1. An extended team is intended to supplement, not replace, the internal workforce. In this instance, the extension team works offshore to fill in the skill gaps in your core workforce while the key competency, both business and technical, is located onshore.
  2. You are in total charge of the project. Additionally, the team communicates frequently and openly (between your in-house staff and off-site developers). They all work together as a single unit. Your extended development team members can be managed however you see suitable. There won’t be any middlemen standing between you and your developers, allowing you to speak with them directly about your requirements and work out any problems that may come up.
  3. As a result, each team member is responsible for a certain amount of work (both in-house and offshore). They are all equally invested in the development of the product and equally accountable for its success or failure.
  4. Unlike recruiting locally, the augmented team approach allows for far better scalability in employment decisions because it is based on the present requirement. You only pay for the developers you hire, so you can accurately predict how many employees you will need in the future and either add new engineers to your team or let go of those whose skills are no longer required. Staff changes become quick and easy when another company handles the operational side of things.


With this strategy, we can add new developers to your extended team as and when needed. You may, for instance, employ a specialist to carry out a certain task or develop a particular feature. We can dissolve your agreement with them as soon as you are no longer in need of their assistance, allowing you to carry on working with the other developers. Our hiring staff will be there for you every step of the way, supporting you and assisting you in overcoming any obstacles you may encounter.