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enterprise modules

Enterprise Modules is a company that is focused on providing corporate-level solutions for managing IBM and Oracle software.


What this project is about

Enterprise Modules corporate-level solutions are based on the concept of creating easy to use modules for corporation SysAdmins and DevOps that integrate third-party software, such as the Oracle database or IBM MQ.

The software is used by big players like NS (Dutch Railway), MAN Energy Solutions, Avriat and many others. The tools developed in this project allow clients to write a simple manifest that automatically configures the infrastructure. This solution saves precious time for IT workers in corporations. They have become an official Puppet partner based on the quality and recognition of the product. Enterprise modules is a pioneer in providing infrastructure as code for Oracle and IBM products.

Algoteque’s Role

We supported the client by creating, maintaining, extending and implementing current puppet extension modules as well as creating new modules. We also assisted with unit test, writing puppet manifests, infrastructure as a code and additional extensions written in Ruby. We were able to provide open-source contributions directly to the Puppet codebase. 

The stack we used

  • Puppet
  • Rspec
  • Ruby
  • Github
  • Jenkins

Some of the challenges we faced

The challenges we faced included working with totally new concepts and areas of DevOps automation. We worked on designing a workflow that would allow an effective partnership with the client. We also had to design custom testing setups that would allow testing the whole corporate infrastructure in docker containers. It was a challenge coming up with solutions that were satisfactory for Enterprise Modules and Puppet.

The fun part

Although working with Puppet was a challenge, we really enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new and it was fun to put our skills to the test. The excellent work atmosphere was an added bonus. We really liked working with our client and enjoyed the experience. 

Final thoughts

Enterprise Modules was recognized as one of the top 10 companies of DevOps companies by CIOApplications Europe. Enterprise modules are helping provide solutions for DevOps that increase the speed of their delivery. 

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