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What is Blockchain technology?

What is blockchain technology? Blockchain Explained A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and public digital ledger that is utilized to record transactions across several computers…

Top 3 Advantages of Diversity in Software Development Teams

In this day and age, diversity is vital to a modern software development house’s success. Fast Company claims that there is a direct correlation…

What is Fintech and what are its benefits?

"Fintech" is used to describe any technological innovation in the financial sector, including innovations designed for the back end of established financial institutions and disruptive technologies developed by upstart companies or individuals.

What is technical debt, and how can recruiting the right talent resolve technical debt?

Technical debt is known as the "silent killer" of numerous business giants. This issue hinders business growth yet, early recruitment can help manage technical debt and counter the issues that arise with it.

Scaling Cyber Security during Business Growth

Business growth is exciting and full of promises yet, your new plans could quickly be demolished due to a lack of security. The…

7 Top IT Industry Predictions for 2022

Our predictions for 2022 are based on remote work, AI, big data, chatbots, voice recognition, low code, and IoT. These tech trends will not only gain popularity but are likely to be adopted by industry leaders and software houses as they directly impact product delivery and team productivity. An early implementation of tech trends in 2021 has allowed many businesses to smoothly transition into the new year. If you're still oblivious of 2022 IT predictions, read on and start growing your business.

A Recap of the Top Tech Trends of 2021

In 2020, Schneider Electric published its technology trend report that was inspired by remotework, collaboration, and organizational opportunities. The report focused on methodologiesthat would enable…

How does a CI/CD Pipeline work and why should you implement it in Software Development Projects?

If you are a tech expert, CI/CD is probably not new to you! For any software company that aspires to create a better product in…

Why outsourcing to Poland gives you a Competitive Edge

The trend of outsourcing managed remote teams is flourishing worldwide, and it will continue through 2021 and beyond. The outsourcing market in Central Europe is…

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