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Algoteque group has grown by acquiring Devoteam S.A.

The Algoteque group has grown by acquiring Devoteam Poland. We gained teams of senior software developers, enterprise architects, QA, PM, competencies in Cloud, AI, DevOps, highly experienced management, a team of IT recruiters and reputable international and polish clients.
With this acquisition we leverage our delivery capabilities and our positioning of pure digital player. It will allow us to further grow our business with existing and new clients in Europe, Asia, North-America and Middle-East.

David Reszka

Joined Algoteque in 2019 with the acquisition of Devoteam Poland.
Over 20 years of experience in IT as a consultant, strategy manager, managing director and CEO in mid-size and large IT companies.
Successful track record in Business Development, Talent Acquisitions, IT companies creation, management and restructuring.
Graduated MSc in IT at EFREI & IMT – France.

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